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Fireside Chat: Reflections from World Suicide Prevention Day and How to Support Your Workplace


September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. As we move forwards, let's keep the conversation going.


Come to learn from Tara Adams how we can recognize that special day and simple things we can all do to build a suicide safer community and workplace. 

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Men's Well-being in the Workplace: Strategies for Support


Increasingly, well-being strategies in the workplace take an equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging lens.  When developing strategies, the unique needs of men are an important consideration. In this interactive session with Bonnie Kowaliuk, Mindfulness Coach and Transformational Leadership Consultant, we will talk about the myths and realities of men’s well-being, explore unique challenges faced by men in the workplace, and how these factors affect performance and culture. We will also discuss how to recognize signs of stress and burnout among male employees and how to promote men's well-being in the workplace.


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The Mindful Workload


The Mindful Workload will demystify the concept of workload, distinguishing between reasonable and unreasonable demands.
Exploring how workload management directly impacts psychological health and safety and workplace mental health, you’ll discover tailored strategies for workload management, catering to both leaders and individuals. Equipping you with tools to navigate overwhelming workloads, engage in discussions with leaders, and distinguish between critical and non-critical tasks.
Apply what you’ve learned with your own productivity planner to streamline your tasks and manage your energy throughout your day. Join us for an interactive workshop that empowers everyone interested in fostering a mentally resilient workplace to feel less stressed at work.

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The Critical Elements of a Workplace Well-being and Performance Strategy


The world of occupational health, safety, and well-being is ever-changing. As formal and informal leaders, how can we keep up with the legislation and the needs of our people? Do we need 20 strategies to support our people? What is enough? In this session, learn a practical strategic way to support your people and organization to thrive and while connecting the dots between all of the elements that impact well-being and performance.

Participants will:
• Identify the components of a well-being and performance strategy and how they align

  • Do a deep dive into workplace culture and how to influence it

  • Identify practical ways to integrate organizational priorities to create one aligned planders and all employees

  • Identify and commit to practical practices to support the health, safety and well-being of your team or organization starting today

  • Identify how to define the roles and responsibilities of the organization, people lea


How to Improve Employee Well-being and Engagement with Gratefulness


No, gratitude won’t solve all of the world's problems. But it can help. In this interactive and engaging fireside chat, get intimate with Debbie Pearmain, Tara Adams and Victoria Grainger on:


  • How gratitude can support a thriving work culture

  • How gratitude is linked with recognition and rewards How to use gratitude to foster a positive mindset personally and in the workplace

  • The interconnection between gratitude, mental health and well-being

  • Practical ways to inject gratitude in the workplace and your personal life

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Intersection of Truth and Reconciliation and Mental Health


The upcoming webinar aims to provide guidance and practical steps for organizations to support their Indigenous and Non-Indigenous employees in preparation for Truth and Reconciliation Day. The webinar will explore the intersection of truth and reconciliation and mental health and provide insight into the impact of intergenerational trauma on Indigenous peoples and its implications for mental health. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Truth and Reconciliation Day and its significance for Indigenous peoples

  • Understanding the impact of intergenerational trauma on Indigenous mental health

  • Best practices for supporting Indigenous employees in the workplace

  • Strategies for promoting cultural safety and humility

  • Recommendations for creating a safe and supportive workplace environment for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous employees​

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Mental Well-Being: From Add-on to Essential Job Skill


In this experiential training, Workday Performance Coach, Tim Kessler makes the case for supporting the workforce with skill development in managing mental and physiological resilience during the workday.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen their understanding of how stress and resilience occur in the nervous system.

  • Practice evidence-based techniques to de-stress and refresh within minutes or less.

  • Strategize how to improve the workforce’s ability to protect psychological safety and the bottom-line.


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The Intersection of Mental Health, Well-being and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Join Sean Burke, Carrie Burd, Joyce Odidison and Victoria Grainger, in a lively panel discussion about how equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), well-being and mental health intersect. We all know intuitively know that inclusion is a vital outcome of psychological health and safety but how do we educate, uncover and address unconscious bias? How do ultimately create a fully inclusive safe culture?


Come preparing with your burning questions and learn:

  • the benefits of incorporating EDI and MH into your people strategy

  • policies, protocols and best practices that effectively support EDI and mental health

  • practical ways you can support mental health and EDI for your team and organization​

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Practical Ways to Build a Healthy Post-Pandemic Culture


Join Workplace Health and Performance Charter signees in an energizing panel discussion to learn practical ways to support a healthy work culture in today's climate of rapid change, ambiguity and hybrid work. Panellists will come to share their practical insights and suggestions from a variety of organizations including the Beamdog, Shinydocs and the Canadian Mental Health Association - Alberta Division. Topics of discussion include:

  • Managing culture in a hybrid and remote environment

  • Workplace health promotion and benefits

  • Recruitment and retention

  • Practical practices and programs

  • Successful stakeholder engagement​


How Leaders Can Manage Workload in a Hustle Culture


In a hustle culture, we often get caught up in working harder, not smarter. We have limited resources, time, and more on our plates. In this interactive session, join us to learn tips and tricks to work smarter to help yourself and your team reach their potential. Learning outcomes include:

  • Learn about the connection between psychological health, well-being, productivity, and innovation

  • Have tips and tools to improve productivity to work smarter not harder

  • Take away a personal plan to be healthy and productive at work and beyond

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Microaggressions and the Respectful Workplace


Workplace bullying is on a spectrum and seemingly trivial, yet toxic behaviours can fester and cause psychological harm and a culture of disrespect and resentment in an organization.

Attendees of this sessions will:

  • Increase their awareness of micro-aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviour

  • Understand why and how it can cause harm to individuals and organizations

  • How awareness and response demonstrate emotional intelligence

  • Be given tools to address it, and stand up for themselves and others

  • Perceive how effective and healthy communication contributes to organizational psychological safety and a thriving culture​


The Role of Psychological Safety in DEI


Are you confident that employees feel free to share their ideas, or does it depend on who they are talking to? How secure do your staff feel at work? What is the cost when people hold back?

The only way to maximize the potential of that diverse team you have built is to provide an environment of psychological safety where each person is free, safe, and encouraged to share without fear.

Learning objectives include:

  • The key role of psychological safety in inclusion

  • Areas of responsibility to create an environment of trust

  • Sample questions to assess inclusion safety

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Leading with Mental Health in Mind


As a leader, you know that your team's mental health matters. Mental health at work is crucial for employee wellness, engagement and creativity.
Unfortunately, stigma around mental health challenges persists, and open dialogue can be a challenge. Sometimes, it's hard to know what to do or say in the moment. Watch to learn:

  • what to do and what to say when someone talks about their mental health

  • how to build strategies to support your own mental health in the workplace

We also talk about the differences between mental health and mental illness, and the ways that mental health impacts our workplace.


Your Workplace Mental Health Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World


Mental Health in the Workplace is a big topic, and there are a ton of resources out there.

How do you know what’s right for your organization?

Join Brandy Payne, Workplace Mental Health Consultant, for this Community of Practice where we’ll take a deeper dive into what to look for from your needs assessment and other data so that you can have a Workplace Mental Health Strategy that works for you.


You’ll learn how to analyze the documents you have, what info you might still need, and how to select your top 2-3 areas of focus.

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Supporting Mental Well-being and Performance Through Disruption


In this webinar, learn how to integrate psychological support and mental health into existing workplace mechanisms. Next, take away practical tips to support employee mental health and performance to creating a culture that will allow your organization to thrive through disruption. By the end, you will have a model connecting culture, psychological safety and employee and individual performance, practical tips to support employee mental well-being, tricks that can support your organization to thrive through disruption and know how to support your own mental well-being and performance through disruption.

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Trauma and Resiliency: Community of Practice


Learn from an incredibly authentic, vulnerable and inspiring speaker, Jeff Cartwright, CTR, CWT. Jeff shares some tips on how to identify critical incident stress reactions and talks about self-care strategies that promote the resilience required to move forward from the initial impact of trauma. Want to see his style? Check out his latest Ted Talk on Mindfulness: Tao the Art of Living not Surviving.


Building Resilience in Challenging Times


Are you struggling with the stress caused by this years’ events? Do you have the skills you need to successfully navigate your way through the challenges ahead? Challenges of the likes that we have not seen before, as we, along with the rest of the world, wrestle with continued effects of the Global COVID -19 pandemic. In this interactive 1-hour webinar we will provide you with practical, thought provoking and lifestyle strategies that you can use daily to weather this storm with strength, resolve and grace.


Family Caregiver Wellness in the Workplace


With our growing baby boomer population, more and more people in workforce are caring for aging parents. For caregivers, there is an extra demand that can create a work-life struggle and it is more important than ever to support them. Family caregivers will learn from experienced health care instructors, who will provide knowledge specific for a family caregiver’s needs. Join us on January 27th, as we discuss some of these important health observations and care decisions in caring for an aging loved one. See if they resonate with what you are or maybe facing in the near future.


Why Trust Matters and How to Measure it in Your Organization


Trust-based relationships between all personnel are essential for a healthy, safe and productive organization. The unprecedented changes COVID-19 has imposed on workers and employers makes trust even more essential, yet at the same time threatens to erode it as the pandemic and pandemic response evolve. This session explores these challenges to trust, pointing out opportunities to maintain and build trust in your organization



Effective Communication for Return to Work


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, risk communicators seek ways to design effective messaging for return-to-work. This presentation helps health and safety managers assess, plan, design, deliver, and monitor effective return-to-work
communications. Leave with an understanding of how to manage risk communication and learn the Effective Risk Communication "Golden Rule.


Mindful Leadership to Increase Performance


The pressure on leaders is increasing with the pace of change, the volume of information available, and the scale of complexity. Our ability to focus at work is declining due to information overload and distractions. Resilience is all about our capacity to handle difficulties, demands and high pressure without becoming stressed.  Learn tangible, research-based strategies that are particularly effective for leaders when it comes to focused performance.

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Learn the skills that employees and leaders increasingly need given the current and anticipated challenges and changes that we will all face. Learn about the challenges to business performance and sustainability that relate to employees productivity. Understand current and emerging stressors and demands and skills that make a difference in resilience and high performance.

Image by Andreas Klassen

Workplace Well-being and Productivity


Learn from productivity expert Lori Schmidt, and workplace well-being expert, Victoria Grainger, about the connection between workplace well-being and productivity. Learning objectives include understanding the connection between well-being and productivity in the workplace, understanding the employer’s role in supporting employee and organizational well-being and finally, to take away practical tips to support well-being and productivity in your workplace and beyond.

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Compassion is a KEY to Flourishing


We all have the capacity to be compassionate, and we know that doing so can make an enormous difference. Compassion drives society to be inclusive and allows all its members to engage in life fully. It is what compels human beings to care about each other and help each other. Research shows compassion improves mental health, resiliency, immune system functioning, motivation and life expectancy.

Join us in this lively webinar to:

  • learn the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion

  • learn we need this now more than ever

  • engage in exercises to practice self-compassion and compassion toward others

  • learn ways to incorporate more compassion in your life and workplaces

Public Speaker

Foundations for Psychologically Safe Leadership


While we may want to support employees and help them navigate their stress, it’s not always easy with organizational priorities and work that needs to get done. How can you lead effectively, address issues and reduce conflict?
Join us to learn:
· How to use ‘appreciative enquiry’ to create the change you want to see in behaviour or performance
· Strategies and techniques to have conversations that get results and prevent psychological harm
· Help others to recognize stressors, triggers and barriers and assist them to develop a plan for resilience

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Best practices before, during and after disability leave to support a positive return to work


This webinar gives information and awareness around disability leave, the statistics behind it, how to handle it from a manager's perspective, the roles and responsibilities of the managers and employees, and most importantly the keys to supporting employees.

Supportive Friend

Mental Health First Aid 


Become a certified Mental Health First Aider, or send a group, to become equipped to recognize a decline in mental well-being and provide support. In the Mental Health Commission of Canada's course that has taught over 500,000 Canadians to date, you will discuss signs, symptoms, professional and other support, learn how to assist in a mental health or substance use crisis and use the MHFA actions to maintain your own mental well-being


Victoria Grainger, who has been teaching since 2015, will be your facilitator to bring it to life with lived experience and practical workplace insights. 

For Healthy Workplace Month we are offering courses for only $195 per person (often valued at $250 or more). This live portion of this course will be offered from 8:00 am MST to 3:30 pm MST.

To book a group session, contact us.

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Flip the Script on Conflict 



How do you respond when your work or authority are questioned? Are you confident asserting healthy boundaries at home and at work? Why do some people not know when they've crossed a line? 


Conflict is inevitable. The agile leader knows when to assert themselves in a respectful way, and how to have difficult conversations that keeps small disagreements from becoming big problems.


In this session learn:

  •  How to recognize where your boundaries are and how to communicate them

  • Why people can't always recognize that they are being disrespectful 

  • How to shut-down unhealthy communication and converse productively and respectfully

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Fireside Chat: How Leaders Can Beat Fatigue and Flourish


Join leaders in the workplace mental health space - Debbie Pearmain, Tara Adams and Victoria Grainger in a lively fireside chat to discuss how to beat fatigue and flourish. How do we get over the hurdle of what we know and what we do? How do we build capacity for ourselves and our teams? How can we get ahead of the game and be proactive vs. reactive? The panel will discuss this and more. Bring your burning questions and get ready to get inspired, get motivated, and start flourishing!


The Business Case for Well-being Coaching


Join Emma Carpenter and Bettina Mackenbach from 12 Weeks to Wellness as they share results from a recent well-being coaching pilot.
The stress and demands of life, family and work over the last few years have taken a toll on all of us. With many workers seemingly having one foot out the door, supporting mental health and wellness has also become one of many crucial retention strategies for employers.
Wellness coaching has been shown to bring substantial benefits to individual employees and organizations by helping participants find the motivation and tools to achieve their wellness goals.
This webinar focuses on:

  • Benefits of coaching

  • Results from our coaching pilot

  • Coaching case examples

  • Coaching best practices for increasing the value of investment

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Positive Intelligence


This interactive session will be based on the book "Positive Intelligence" and the work of New York Times best-selling author - Shirzad Charmain. His research is based on hundreds of CEO'S and Executive Teams to see how our minds affect our ability to handle stress and challenges with calm, clarity, creativity and focused attention. This work is a combination of the latest research in brain science, positive psychology and performance science.

The agenda will cover:

  • What is Positive Intelligence (PQ)

  • PQ assessments

  • Positivity muscles in the brain

  • Practice exercises to build positivity

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Building an Effective Mental Health Strategy 


99% of HR leaders said that proactively managing employees' mental health was a business priority in 2022 and yet employer mental health programs aren’t working. Where EAP was once the gold standard, this is no longer true and companies are taking a much more comprehensive approach to supporting employee mental health.

With over 70% of employee disability claims being related to poor mental health and in each year, 20% of your work force experiencing a mental health problem or illness, it’s never been more important to ensure that your organization has an effective plan to improve the wellbeing of your people.

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Sustaining Workplace Mental Health and Performance Beyond the Great Reset


Join Debbie Pearmain, Victoria Grainger and Tyler Hoffman as they share workplace mental health predictions and practical tips, tools, and solutions to create a sustainable plan to support employee mental health, wellbeing, and organizational performance. Learn:

  • Workplace mental health predictions for the echo pandemic

  • How to align and evaluate employee mental health and workplace goals

  • Practical tips, tricks and tools to sustainably support a culture of health and performance from experts in workplace mental health, employee engagement, benefits, and workplace performance​

Attentive Therapist

What Can We Do NOW: Supporting Employee Mental Health Today


There are SO many pressures on managers and employers these days – between omicron, increased rates of mental health struggles, and the threat of the Great Resignation.
It can feel overwhelming, and it's hard to think long-term in a crisis.
This session focuses on identifying and addressing immediate needs, as well as steps that can be taken with limited time, energy and money.
And because every workplace is different, we’ll spend the first half of the session talking about overarching themes and tips, and the second half diving into the issues and challenges that audience members are facing. Participants will have an opportunity to submit their specific questions and challenges for live mentoring and tailored advice from Brandy.

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Fireside Chat: How to Finish Strong in 2021 


Join us to reflect and discuss how leaders and HR leaders can thrive through the remainder of 2021 and start the New Year fresh and focused. This interactive fireside chat features Victoria Grainger, Founder of Wellness Works Canada, Debbie Pearmain, expert in HR, mental health, and resilience and Lori Schmidt, an expert in competitiveness and productivity. At the session you will:

  • Learn strategies to help you and your team thrive during the holiday season

  • Identify what is supporting your health and performance and what is holding you back

  • Learn practical strategies to help you and your team thrive now and into the New Year as we design a ‘new better’​

Working from Home

Building a Healthy, High Performing Hybrid Work Culture


Many workplaces have become a hybrid of work-from-home and in-person. But how can you create a culture that thrives with the disconnection this creates? What policies are effective in supporting productivity, connection and mental well-being? Join us to address these questions and more. Key learning outcomes include:

  • Understand key trends in hybrid work

  • Have tips to promote a connected, healthy performing hybrid work culture

  • Have practical tips to inspire productivity and performance in a hybrid environment

  • Have practical tips to support employee mental and physical well-being in a hybrid environment​

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Setting Boundaries: A radical act of self-care for leaders


Many employees look to leaders they trust for support when feeling stressed. As leaders it’s essential to remind employees that it’s okay to say no, and it’s important to recharge. But how are you supporting yourself? Being able to say “No” to the demands or expectations of others and creating a healthy balance between taking care of ourselves and taking care of others is critical when striving to manage our stress and well-being. In this 1 hour webinar we will review some steps that will help you set clear boundaries that will allow you to balance your many obligations successfully by focusing on what’s important to you.


Leading and Coaching for Resilience


In this interactive webinar, join us to learn how to lead and coach for resiliency. Debbie Pearmain, from One Stop HR will review what leading for resilience looks like. She will then take a look into solution focused coaching, how to ask good questions and then take a look at some key coaching steps. Finally, you will learn four critical resiliency skills including positive mindset, emotional intelligence, vision and goal setting, and problem solving.

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Diversity Inclusion, and Interpersonal Resilience at Work


There are more employees than ever asking for diversity inclusion and equal representation at work. The recent incidents of constructive racial disruptions have created more awareness and expectation of diversity inclusion, and representation in the workplace. Join the powerful wellness conversation – Diversity inclusion, and interpersonal resilience as a workplace wellness strategy, with the world’s leading Interpersonal Wellness Expert, Joyce Odidison, to explore the intricacies of diversity inclusion and interpersonal resilience.

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Becoming a Trauma Aware Employer


Listen in to learn how to create a compassionate workplace that supports people through various types of trauma. The session will cover the different kinds of trauma; how psychological safety fits into the hierarchy of needs in the workplace; how trauma changes the brain; how trauma affects physical health; how trauma can change our health habits/behaviours; post traumatic growth; and finally, six ways to create a compassionate workplace in regard to trauma.

Online Workshop

Perspectives from a Cancer Patient on Work Challenges and Opportunities


Join us to learn how to create a compassionate workplace that supports people through various types of trauma. The session will cover the different kinds of trauma; how psychological safety fits into the hierarchy of needs in the workplace; how trauma changes the brain; wow trauma affects physical health; how trauma can change our health habits/behaviours; post traumatic growth; and finally, six ways to create a compassionate workplace in regards to trauma.

Online Community Connection Sharing Soci

Reflecting on the Impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Health 


Join us in this interactive national online community of workplace health practitioners to learn and share unique perspectives about the impact that COVID-19 has had on our industry. Next, identify leading practices for how we can thrive moving forward together as a community of practitioners. Next have a conversation with your peers to share your experience, challenges and best practices.

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Overcoming Mental Health Challenges in a Global Pandemic


This webinar takes a look at five evidence informed strategies to advise action, program development, and community interventions. Recognizing that we all respond to stress in different ways and recover following our own timelines, tools will be given to support each participant on their journey forward.


Small but 
Impactful Strategies to Support Mental 
Health at Work


Supporting our team’s mental health can seem like an overwhelming task at the best of times. During a global pandemic, it can seem impossible. While it can be a big topic, there are small shifts we can all do to help support ourselves and our teams, whether we’re working remotely, in the workplace, or somewhere in between. In this webinar learn small, but impactful things to improve mental health at work.

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Leading Through to the Next Normal


What will it take to navigate this crisis, now that our traditional metrics and assumptions have been rendered irrelevant? More simply put, it’s our turn to answer a question that many of us once asked of our grandparents: What did you do during the war? Our answer is a call to act across five stages, leading from the crisis of today to the next normal that will emerge after the battle against COVID-19 has been won: Resolve, Resilience, Return, Reimagination, and Reform.

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Cultivating Team Resilience: Strategies for Every Role


Join us for a dynamic and interactive one-hour virtual workshop designed to equip you with practical strategies to build and maintain resilience within your team, regardless of your role.

During this workshop, you will learn self-focused strategies such as setting boundaries, the importance of managing your energy, and effective communication techniques. These personal resilience tools are essential for maintaining your well-being and productivity.

By the end of this workshop, you will be equipped with actionable strategies to not only improve your own resilience but also foster a supportive and resilient team environment. Come prepared to engage, share, and leave with a toolkit for resilience that you can apply immediately.

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Creating a Culture of Wellness: Exploring Intuitive Eating in the Workplace


This webinar is designed for HR and people leaders seeking to enhance workplace well-being, foster a positive culture for healthy eating, and empower employees to make healthier choices through intuitive eating principles. Together, we will delve into the fundamental aspects of establishing a workplace environment that champions intuitive eating—an inclusive approach to nutrition that advocates for tuning into one's body and making food choices guided by internal cues rather than external rules.

Healthy at any age

Creating Weight Inclusive Workplace Well-being Programs


A positive relationship with your body means eating a more balanced diet, engaging in physical activity and focusing on getting more sleep. This webinar will focus on helping you create  weight-inclusive programs that help people feel good about themselves, to embrace and build confidence around food and their bodies. You will learn strategies to promote optimal health and help people feel good in their skin - both for yourself and your team or organization

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Talk Money with Me – Five Crucial Steps to Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Money


Why is it that we know more about what’s going on in our friend’s bedroom than we do about their finances? Money is a sensitive topic, but you (and your workplace) shouldn’t be afraid to talk about something that has such an immediate impact on your own well-being. Kelley Keehn is on a mission to make Canadians feel good about money. In this fast-paced interview, she’ll break down emotional barriers that hold you back and give you the tools you need to have the difficult conversations about your financial health. Spoiler alert: you won’t find any judgment, guilt, or finger-wagging in this talk. Nor the dreaded “B” word (hint: budget) that’s as easy (not) to stick to as the newest fad diet. Whether you stumbled financially during COVID, need to catch up on mortgage deferrals and other debts, replenish your rainy-day fund, Kelley will help you get you back on track with concrete steps, tools and resources that will leave you feeling energized and at peace with your financial situation. 

Standing Desk

Work Well Anywhere:
Active and Effective Desk Work for Leaders and Teams


Join us for this exclusive webinar to turn desk work into healthy work.


  • Be confident the workspace is contributing positively to physical and mental health.  

  • Avoid the pitfalls of standing desks and comfy chairs. Create an active workspace that is comfortable, dynamic, and effective to work in.  

  • Go beyond the desk and chair. Tap into the invisible forces that make or break quality effectiveness.  

  • Empower your team to create a workspace they enjoy being in, wherever they work.  


This exclusive webinar equips attendees with a strategy for creating a workspace that sparks creativity, sustains productivity, and nurtures well-being for themselves and their teams. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock a vibrant and adaptable approach to desk work.

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Cognitive Health: A Hidden Challenge with Tremendous Workplace Implications


Cognitive function is a key element of almost all jobs today. Workplaces spend considerable time and effort in reviewing job performance and job descriptions to meet evolving needs; however, there is a significant deficit in how cognitive demands are understood, recognized and assessed. Poor cognitive function can significantly impact work safety and effectiveness, and can result in poor performance, team discord, or increased risk of injury.

Implications range from performance issues, return to work planning, human resource management, to serious health and safety incidents. 

Our three experienced speakers from Work Wellness, ICAS Canada and Smofsky Strategic Planning - will discuss what cognitive health is and isn’t, and how cognitive challenges affect mental health, safety and performance. They will explore opportunities for organizations to leverage existing, validated tools, resources and methods across all facets of the work journey. 

Image by Arlington Research

Fireside Chat: Practical Lessons from Workplace Well-being Practitioners


Join Workplace Health and Performance Practitioners in an energizing panel discussion to learn the top challenges and opportunities they’ve experienced as a practitioner throughout their careers. You will hear from a diverse panel with experience supporting organizational well-being in a variety of organizations including Husky Energy, CRA, SunLife and others. Finally, we will dive into practical ways to support a healthy work culture in today's climate of rapid change, ambiguity, high rates of mental problems, and hybrid work.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Stakeholder engagement/inspiration

  • Practical practices and programs

  • Top career challenges and opportunities

  • Top change agent challenges and opportunities

  • Top advice for practitioners and change agents​


Shaping the Future of Work in Canada: Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic


Much speculation swirls around the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers and the future of work in Canada. Lacking is a finely grained analysis of how job quality and worker well-being has changed during the pandemic. The Future of Work survey, conducted by EKOS Research Associates this fall, is designed to fill this knowledge gap. Prominent issues documented in the survey include how to promote workers’ mental and physical well-being, how work from home arrangements can evolve in sustainable ways, how the pandemic has impacted job quality, and to what extent workers’ experiences during the pandemic have prompted some to fundamentally rethink what they want out of a job.
Dr. Lowe will present key findings from the Future of Work Survey and moderate a discussion about how the future of work can be shaped in ways that optimize benefits for workers, employers, and Canadian society.
The Future of Work project is being conducted by a Research Consortium, led by Dr. Lowe, and funded by the Future Skills Centre.


Business Meeting

Top Mental Health Skills for Leaders


HR professionals and people leaders are increasingly dealing with the impacts of mental health in the workplace – in addition to your already full plate of responsibilities. It can feel overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where to start.  This webinar focuses on the top skills you need to empower a thriving team in your organization.

We’ll cover:

  • helpful language for connecting with teams and engaging in mental health conversations

  • how to manage your own energy levels and workload, and encourage your team to do the same

  • tips and strategies for providing your team with the support they need, when they need it

  • ways to upgrade your organization’s mental health resources​

Hot Meal

Meal Prep and Planning for Busy People


Do you struggle to find the time to plan and prepare balanced meals and snacks?


Are you so busy that your day flies by, and you are ravenous by the time the evening comes?


Meal planning reduces stress and is a great way to improve the nutritional quality of your food. Join us for this 60-minute webinar to learn simple strategies for how to plan and prep for healthy meals and snacks without the added stress. Participants will also get quick meal and snack ideas, as well as our top meal prep hacks.

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Why Employer Mental Health Programs Aren't Working


Workplace mental health and wellbeing has been at the forefront of HR's agenda over the past year and a half. Employers are doing more now to support employee wellbeing than ever before and yet something is just not working. 70% of employee disability claims are related to poor mental health and over 500,000 Canadians are off work each week because of this. Since covid began, 4 times the number of Canadians are reporting higher anxiety. Come hear why the current approach is not working and learn strategies of how you can more effectively improve the well-being of your employees. The agenda covers:

  • Current stats

  • Business Impacts of MH

  • Current Employer MH supports

  • Why EAP is not working

  • Whats the Solution?

  • How engagement surveys help

  • Your Action Plan​

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Fireside Chat: Expert Insights on Hybrid Workplace Health and Performance


Join us to have a fireside chat with experts and leaders in the space of workplace health, performance, productivity, and well-being.


Come prepared to bring forward your burning questions about hybrid work! Victoria Grainger, Founder of Wellness Works Canada present on hybrid trends and hosts a lively discussion with Debbie Pearmain, expert in HR, mental health, and resilience; and Lori Schmidt, an expert in competitiveness and productivity.


3 Positively Deviant Practices To Help You Lead A Winning Team


Join Deborah to explore three shifts in thinking that successful leaders use to positively deviate from the conventional way that most teams operate. Learn how you can stop managing and start leading people, how you can create workplace health through a focus on team culture, and how you can move from downstream to upstream thinking. 


If you are an emerging leader (or even a seasoned one) or a business owner and you want to revisit how to lead a successful, high performing team in a way that does not feel overwhelming or lead to burnout, we hope to see you at this webinar. Let’s engage in what it means to be positively deviant at work and why that matters.


Critical Conversations Community of Practice


Are you confident you are supporting the mental health of your team? How comfortable are you initiating a check-in conversation? Do you worry that you may overstep or offend someone? Talking about mental health can be uncomfortable if you are not sure how the other person is going to respond. It can feel risky if you aren’t sure where to start or how to formulate your responses. You may even be worried that you are going to cause someone who is struggling further harm. Join us for this informative talk where we will outline a simple framework to help guide this critical conversation.

Stressed Woman

How to Overcome Stress Eating


Do you find that you’re often in the kitchen, thinking about your next meal, eating more than you think you need, or stress eating? Maybe you are even feeling distressed and beating yourself up because you’ve been turning to emotional eating to cope. We’re living in stressful times and many of us have turned to food for comfort and coping. In this webinar, registered dietitian and certified coach Bettina Mackenbach shares strategies for building healthy eating habits over time. 


Authentic Leadership: Perfect


It is time for authentic leadership through Perfect Imperfection. In this webinar, participants will receive useful insights and mental tools to help minimize the stress of being perfect, create awareness and curiosity of the present mindset, increase awareness of how fear can show up as perfectionism, discover how to reframe words that get us stuck in the trap of perfectionism, focus on your strength traits and the art of resilience, bring normalcy to perfect imperfection. 

Co-workers in Modern Office

Supporting our Caregivers at Work


As someone with experience caregiving for a loved one with mental illness, I know first-hand the toll it can take on our overall wellbeing and how we are able to show up in the world. One of the ways this can significantly impact us is how we show up in our jobs. In this webinar we will discuss what it’s like to be a caregiver to someone with mental illness, some of the challenges caregivers can face, and the ways in which that can impact how we show up in our jobs. Lastly we will go over our Caregiver Connections program at CMHA, other resources that support caregivers in their experiences and how employers can support them.


Understanding and Supporting Mental Health for Leaders


Join us to learn from Debbie Pearmain, with One Stop HR, who has worked with CEOs and leadership teams at more than 250 companies about how to understand and support mental health for leaders. The workshop outline covers current mental health statistics; mental health continuum model; healthy, reactive, distressed; signs of distress at work (or remotely); having the conversation; if it doesn't go well; how/when to escalate concerns; and finally, support available.

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Financial Wellness: An Investment In Stress Reduction


Financial stress is reported as a top stressor for many working Canadians, so why isn’t more being done in the workplace to address it? This webinar will examine some simple ways to incorporate financial wellness resources into an organization’s wellness programming. From cutting-edge fin-tech to simple savings strategies, we examine real-world examples of how these tools can change behaviours.


Breaking Down the Psychological Health and Safety Standard


Join us in this interactive Community of Practice to Learn, Exchange and Act. Learn from this month's speaker - Ruthann Weeks, about effective leading practices and how to create a culture of psychological health and safety. Next exchange barriers, solutions and ideas. Finally, commit to act by bringing that learning to your workplace or workplaces you support.


Return to Work: Mental Health Support


Learn about how to support employee mental health and productivity as we return to work.

Learning outcomes include understanding employees’ stress and anxiety associated with the re-integration into a modified workplace. Learn to support employee’s mental health during and after self-isolation to ease the transition. Finally, restore productivity when employees are going back to an office routine.


Preparing for Post-Pandemic Recovery


The webinar will challenge you to answer these questions: Where do your leaders and employees want to be 12 months from now? How can your virtual teams actively shape productive and healthy remote work? What are the key lessons from how your employees, teams, and leaders have adapted to the pandemic, and what are the implications for designing post-pandemic work? What actions today will contribute to a resilient, engaged, and committed workforce post-pandemic?

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