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I have had very great responses of the [Mental Health First Aid Kits} from the offices across Western Canada. They really like the resources as well as the simplicity of them.

HR Manager, KPMG

I recently completed my Ambassador level certification and it was great, it assessed my current knowledge and also provided resources when needed. I love the resources and information on the website as well.

Certified Workplace Health and Performance Ambassador

“The Mental Health First Aid kits from Wellness Works are a great resource for encouraging self-care and talking with others about the pandemic’s impact on mental well-being”

Dr. Graham Lowe, Workplace Consultant

Through this first level of certification, I was able to learn about the different process and strategies to promote health and wellness in the workplace. Through the units, I gained valuable knowledge about the insights of the intersectionality of occupational health and business. I hope to continue my education and professional development in these fields. With this information, the opportunities to promote a healthy work culture can be shown. Different areas of the workplace can be adapted to help suit people to achieve better mental and physical health. One thing I will use is the five step plan. It is a baseline and a simple easy to understand resource to start. It provided a nice introduction on business and health. As well as focusing on the process and outcomes, planning and goal setting will be instrumental in the future. I want to encourage workers to entrust themselves to take care of themselves and acknowledge when there needs to a be change. I will be applying my learning in my future endeavours to promote a healthy lifestyle. For instance, working from home can be a great starting point to adjust and adapt to be healthier. People are looking for resources and support in that environment and therefore can be useful to encourage this information. Overall, I am excited to apply my knowledge.

Certified Workplace Health and Performance Ambassador (CwHP)

I got so much out of the course and appreciate so much the level of feedback and guidance provided throughout.  I really enjoyed it as well. It challenged me at times in a wonderful way and I feel more confident and well equipped because of the amazing level of feedback and structure of process and tools presented.

Certified Workplace Health and Performance Ambassador (CWHP)

Victoria, you are leading the way every time you speak. You are leading the way by bringing in other voices to join you! You are leading the way in bringing the right topics to the surface, so that wellness leads in all kinds of organizations can become better versed and better equipped to support workplace cultures that support positive health and performance. I'm so glad to be connected to your work! 

Brian Madill, Red Deer Public School District

This session was extremely thorough, filled with facts, stats and practical tools to implement in our own lives and to share with out teams. I could not write fast enough to capture all of the useful info shared. I will definitely be watching the replay of this presentation and slides. I plan to do the staff survey and workplace audit to improve the H & W of our teams. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I will highly recommend your organization and your presentations.

Executive Director, McMann Youth, Family and Community Services Association, Workshop Participant and Employer Member

I haven’t stopped talking about your session as I thought it was very well done with lots of great takeaways. You are a great speaker and had a wide variety of knowledge to share to our members.

Member Representative, CPHR, Workshop Participant

Victoria just did a great group session with us on Resilience that had some real practical tips for both the short term and long term ways of dealing with Stress during this COVID19 pandemic that has created huge changes in our lives. Highly recommend you engage with her business to help support your team at work.

Owner, Nose Creek Physiotherapy, Employer Member and Workshop Participant

My organization has recently transitioned to working from home during this COVID pandemic and wanted to find a course that would provide helpful and relevant information to our current situation. We were able to take part in a webinar course called 'Improving Well-being through Productivity' which was taught by instructor Victoria Grainger. We really enjoyed this short session! The course focused on learning about the connection between well-being and productivity, and provided some great tools and tips to help improve our mental and physical well-being. Victoria was a great instructor and really kept us engaged throughout the session with a mix of information provided on slides, polls, and breakout discussion groups. I'd highly recommend this course and instructor!

Training Manager, CLAC, Client and Workshop Participant

I found your workshop very valuable. You are a terrific facilitator.

Thank you!

Kate Light, Woods Homes, Workshop Participant

We had over 260 people attend today and a couple of people from the team mentioned that you (Victoria Grainger) had been their favourite speaker they have seen on these webinars so far.


National Defence / Government of Canada Webinar Organizer


The audit process was very therapeutic because it helped us realize gaps to fill and decide on small incremental changes to help our team thrive. It helped us better align client/patient care with employee experience.


Blair Schalerle, President, NoseCreek Physiotherapy


We found the process with your organization really helped to shed light on issues that our employees are facing.


President, Integra Health Consulting

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