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Tip Sheet

Resilience is a skill that can be learned.  Download this tip sheet with tricks and tips to be healthy and resilient at work and beyond for yourself. Or, get copies for all staff.

Download this simple to use guide to incorporate a little more mindfulness and productivity into your work day.  Distribute it to your employees or use the tips in a health or well-being campaign or make it available for all staff on your local intranet site.

Stay Calm & Breathe

Breathing Exercises

Feeling a little anxious or stressed? Download a copy of these simple breathing exercises to help you reset. Or, get copies for all staff.

Leadership Readiness


Download this survey, put it into a survey tool, or send by email to determine leadership readiness for taking the next step in building out a workplace health and performance strategy.



Find out how your employees perceive their health and productivity is supported. Find out their wants and needs to create an informed strategy. Note, our survey aligns with 13 psychological health and safety factors.

Step 2: Inspire

Action Plan Template

Download this template with links to tools to engage and inspire the stakeholders needed to build a healthy, high performing work culture.



Use this template to develop a policy to support the well-being and productivity of employees and your organization.

Well-being Event


Want to evaluate the relevance, impact and satisfaction of your well-being initiatives. Try this template!



Check out our growing library of recorded webinars on topics of well-being and productivity, practical tips to support a healthy culture, resilience and more.

A Guide to the Built Environment

at Work

Check out this comprehensive approach to applying modern environmental psychology to improve the built environment at work.

Online Well-Being and Performance Workshops

Get educated and empowered with an online, interactive workshop for your team to build health, resilience and performance.​

Hand Washing


The best way to prevent the spread of infectious disease at work is to promote hand hygiene. Download and print this poster as a friendly reminder that staying healthy, is in everyone's hands.



Do an audit of current business practices, policies and programs to find out how you can better support a culture of health and performance.

COVID-19 Employee


Employees need greater support during COVID-19. Take their pulse and measure safety, purpose, company support, resilience, productivity, well-being, and the 13 psycho-social factors to find out how you can better support their health and performance with this short 14 question survey.

Step 3: Plan

Action Plan Template

Download this template with sample outcomes, measures and actions to build a healthy, high performing work culture in alignment with the psychological health and safety standard.


Code of Conduct

Follow this code of conduct in your practice of creating work environment where people can thrive.

Root Cause


Use this template to determine the values, systems, policies and processes that positively or negatively impact workplace culture. Use it in your planning process to address the key factors that impact culture. 

Mental Health Box

First Aid Kits

Put the H back into OHS and support the mental health of your team with a mental health box packed with stress balls, fidget toys, tip sheets, motivational cards, essential oils and more.

Mental Health


Need to talk? Use this resource sheet with phone numbers & websites to support mental health. Or, order hard copies to distribute.

 Step 1: Assess 

Action Plan Template

Download this template with links to several assessments including:

  • readiness assessment

  • root cause analysis

  • organizational audit

  • stakeholder analysis

  • employee assessment



Determine what stakeholders are required to help move your workplace health and performance strategy forward. Develop strategies to inspire and empower them with this planning template.

Strategy Map Template

Connecting the dots between employee health and organizational performance is easy with this adaptable strategy map. Use it as is, or adapt it to meet your organizations health and performance objectives.

Sample Committee 

Terms of Reference

You've inspired key stakeholders and are starting up a committee to develop and move your strategy forward. Use this template to define your mandate, responsibilities, and more.

Simplifying the evaluation process can be tough. Use this adaptable one pager to showcase the impact on health + performance.

Well-being Initiative 


Starting up a physical activity program and your legal department requires a waiver? Use this template to protect the organization and employees.


Our model was developed from a rigorous review of effectiveness of six well known workplace wellness frameworks from around the world, and best practices, in comparison to strategy, organizational effectiveness, and human resource management theories. It bridges the gap between employee well-being, broader human resource and performance strategies, allowing for greater efficiency and integration. It is based on key success factors that include integration, leadership support, good communication and adequate resources. The accompanying guide aligns with the Psychological Health and Safety Standard. 





Consulting and Certification

We offer simple, effective, evidence-informed and results-based consulting in-house and through vetted partners. 



If you work in the industry of workplace health and performance, there is a growing pool of training and education opportunities.


Want some stats to create a compelling business case of how well-being impacts organizational performance?

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