De-Coding the Psychological Health and Safety Standard

Updated: Apr 5

Many provinces and territories have new or existing legislation making physical, psychological and social health of employees both a duty and right for both the employer and employee. The Canadian Standards Association (now the CSA Group) has put forth a voluntary Psychological Health and Safety Standard for employers. In fact, Canada is the first country in the world to have a Standard of this kind. And now, we have an amazing international standard as well.

Many employers are taking steps to support psychological health and safety, yet few have comprehensive, evaluated approaches in place. For many, compliance with the standard can seem like a daunting task. We don’t blame you for feeling a little intimidated. The Standard itself is 75 pages and the implementation guide is 160 pages long. And if you are like most professionals or practitioners tasked with supporting employee health and well-being – you are likely wearing a few hats and trying to connect the dots between the Standard, changing legislation, employee wants and needs, corporate demands etc. But, don’t worry, we are here to simplify things and support you along the way. </