Let's Create a Paradigm Shift to Bolster Productivity through Well-Being

We all want to be healthy and productive. Right? Well, maybe some of us enjoy being healthy more than being productive. But if you’re keen on supporting well-being at work, then it might be helpful to understand the profound impact well-being has on productivity for you individually, and for your workplace. Understanding this relationship might make you, and everyone you work with, start to create a paradigm shift that prioritizes well-being to create a healthier, more productive culture.

What Does it Mean to be Well?

Well (pun intended), you need to have healthy social connections; be physically well (have good nutrition, hydration, physical activity and sleep); have purpose and meaning in life; feel positive about yourself and your future; live in—and support—a healthy, safe environment; be able to engage in stimulating activities that expand your intellect; and, be