Quick Wins for Leaders Building Healthy High Performing Work Cultures

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By Taya Wong, National Client Relationship Coordinator, Wellness Works Canada

Quick wins are fast results in the workplace. They are tangible, visible, and have rapid benefits. They can be implemented in a short amount of time and usually are inexpensive. They provide a sense of achievement, motivation, and boost morale to build a culture of health and performance. Quick wins help gain the momentum of success for larger projects. These fast and little wins help improve overall performance and maintain a strong pace to keep up to, or stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some example strategies to cultivate quicks wins:

1. Build a psychologically safe environment for employees to speak up and collaborate: Strive for an atmosphere where employees feel motivated to pitch in ideas and not shy away from giving feedback or communicating their needs. Simply modelling vulnerability and curiosity and having feedback sessions can help to accomplish this.

2. Be Empathetic: We are living in daunting and uncertain times of change and transition. Communicate regularly and often, that this is a team effort and that you understand that we are all getting used to change.

3. Show respect: Be curious and willing to listen to different ideas. Ask questions and seek employee expertise to gain more knowledge on the topic at hand.

4. Teamwork: Learn about your team! Learning about an individual or team’s strengths or weaknesses can help make the best possible plan of action. For instance, if a coworker strength lies in implementation, it is likely they are going to be a big part in that step.

5. Support Work-Life Integration: Offer flexible working hours. Give yourself and your employees time to rest and relax.

6. Regular Check Ins: This helps to keep your team connected and not isolated. It makes fellow coworkers feel included and valued. Even a ten minute meeting can work wonders.

7. Reduce Perfectionism: Encourage hard work and admit mistakes can happen. Mistakes provide a learning opportunity. This can help create a psychological safe atmosphere.

8. Strong Communication: Be excessively clear and transparent. Encourage colleagues to exercise empathy. Speak to your team with intention for continuous improvement and recognition.

9. Recognize Employees:s: This can be formal and/or informal. Recognize successes in meetings or start a board of recognition showcasing accomplishments. This simple act can increase morale, make people feel valuable, and improve motivation.

10. Resources: Provide resources for mental and physical health and well-being often. Highlight EFAP, community resources and wellness programs.

11. Learning Opportunities: Encourage attendance to workshops, seminars, and education to assist personal growth. From the workshop, new ideas, or refinements can emerge to improve your practice.

12. Mentorship Programs: Having a program like this can foster professional growth and strong communication skills to occur. This can provide assistance for new workers and gives them availability to ask questions and be curious.

Overall, quick wins are attainable and fast successes, creating momentum and motivation to create a strong work culture. These strategies can help foster a healthy and high performing atmosphere in the workplace when engrained in your day-to-day work practices.

To learn more quick wins and resources to support you in building a healthy, high performing work culture check out all Wellness Works Canada resources.


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