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Windows to the Soul

By Akeem Brown, National Client Relationship Coordinator, Wellness Works Canada

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Windows, lights and doors are the eyes to your environment. They never lie. Ask a prisoner in a cell about the importance of windows, lighting and doors. They serve many critical purposes in the life on an environment.

As eyes have different colors and shapes, so too do these access points in the built environment. Beauty is realized in the variety and intention of these portals within the environments we find ourselves.

Where and why?

The variety could allude to a host of aspects. Length, width, location, tint and texture. If you value consistency, that is also a decision not to have variety regarding the doors, windows and lights you choose.

Intention could allude to the culture and context behind the placement of the window, light and doors. Do you value privacy or openness? Do you value transparency or mystery? The answers to these questions could determine how these items are strategically placed to feed values.

Why does this matter?

Depending on the time of year and your geography, allowing air to flow through your environment can reduce air pollution and impact temperature.

Doors that are transparent can be more welcoming and inviting to friends, clients or guests. Conversely, dark doors and window shades can increase privacy and in some cases be another layer of security.

Lights when applied properly can give a space new light. Lights that come from multiple angles are also effective, increasing the trust dynamic between parties in a room.

The ultimate, however, is natural light. Positioning windows and doors to maximize the power of natural light can be a game changer. Vitamin D from the sun has been shown to increase mineral absorption, healthy bone development and in warding off some diseases. Knowing where you spend your time during the day and being strategic with window and door placement to align with the sun can ensure you capitalize on all these benefits.

In Summary

The eyes never lie and neither will the benefits to you from well positioned windows, doors and lights. When done right they will reflect and enhance your values and bring life to any space you wish to inhabit.

Best Practices

  • East and west windows ensure natural light has optimal angles aligned with the sun’s trajectory

  • Understand your organization values before you install or remove doors, windows and lights

  • Install screens and covers on windows that you want to use to increase air flow or reduce air pollution

  • Try different window sizes and locations

About the Author

Akeem is a proud Canadian who grew up understanding the paradox of health: the harder you work on your health, the harder you can work on everything else.

He played basketball and football growing up and remain active to this day. He has a close group of friends while always looking to make new connections.

As he grew he understood how powerful sports and recreation was in his life so he decided to study it at the University of Alberta. He is now months away from receiving his bachelors. He is also a certified Workplace Health and Performance Ambassador (WHPA).

His interests include real estate, film making and art. He believes that nobody has a monopoly on good ideas and enjoys having conversations that have the potential to challenge his beliefs.



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