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  • Trauma, Mental Health and Resilience

    Join us for an online training session to support your mental health and resilience with Jeffrey Cartwright Identify normal post critical incident stress reactions and self-care strategies that promote resilience Encourage participants to connect with available resources to support building resilience and recovery

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  • Resilience in Trying Times

    What P&G and other resilient companies know is that human capital – creativity, team interaction, connection for teams or organizations produce or perpetuate “drama” or do they empower others to be resourceful, resilient organization that will engage the “hearts and minds” of everyone involved in the change process and create resilience

  • An Urgent Call For Mindful Leaders

    We need resilient leaders who can make conscious decisions grounded in their values and empower others Enhances Resilience Evidence shows that mindfulness may enhance resilience, especially when treating Mindful leaders can adapt and learn from challenges, becoming resilient and creating lasting change as Mindfulness can help leaders gain awareness, embrace acceptance, boost resilience, and take values-based

  • Healthy Organizational Responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Cultivating resilience Healthy organizations cultivate workforce resilience. Workers need a supportive environment to be resilient. To do this, leaders must develop their own resilience. In this way, they foster a resilient workforce that is prepared to deal with the unexpected. Individual and team resilience is a hallmark of a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

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  • Workplace Wellness Resources | Wellness Works Canada

    From: $497 Learn More RESILIENCE TRAINING ​ Online or In-Person Book a 90 minute customized resilience training workshop for your employees, leaders or team to boost resilience, well-being and productivity

  • Webinars | Wellness Works

    Get Access Trauma and Resiliency: Community of Practice WITH JEFFREY CARTWRIGHT Learn from an incredibly Get Access Building Resilience in Challenging Times WITH MARY RONACERLLI Are you struggling with the What actions today will contribute to a resilient, engaged, and committed workforce post-pandemic? us to learn how to lead and coach for resiliency. Debbie Pearmain, from One Stop HR will review what leading for resilience looks like.

  • Workplace Training | Wellness Works

    From: $1497 Learn More RESILIENCE TRAINING ​ Online or In Person Join us in an interactive session to identify skills for agility at the team and individual level Identify tools and skills to build your resilience Learn strategies to manage mixed feelings and develop workplace health and well-being practices for resilience Join us in an interactive workshop to learn key skills around resilience and how to have those tough Topics covered include: Debunk myths around stress and resilience Learn tricks and tips for difficult

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